Vaillant boiler manuals

Vaillant boiler pdf manuals to download

Determine the installation site for the boiler with reference to the installation and servicing instructions supplied with the boiler. Ensure that all installation and service clearances are available and that the boiler flue can be installed as detailed in these instructions.  Fix the paper template, supplied with the boiler, to the wall ensuring that the centre line of the template is vertical using a plumbline or spirit level.

Vaillant boiler manuals pdf



When cutting the air and flue ducts it is important to remove any burrs with a file, this ensures easy fitting of the ducts and prevents any rough edges from damaging the flue seals. Care should be taken not to scratch the white surface of the air duct.


Worcester Bosch boiler manuals

Worcester Bosch boiler pdf manuals to download

Any regulations specified by the local water company must be observed. The final 600 mm of the mains cold water connection to the applaince should be made in copper tube only. The appliance is suitable for a mains supply having a maximum pressure of 10 bar. A pressure reducing valve must be fitted, if necessary. The hot water outlet temperature is set to be capable of achieving a maximum of 60 °C. The maximum temperature and the frequency of the recharge of the heat store may be reset. The maximum water flow rate is factory set at 9.9 l/min to give temperature rise of 40 °C. If a higher rise is required then the flow must be reduced at the tap and the discharge temperature will rise up to the maximum set figure.

Worcester Bosch boiler manuals download pdf

Worcester Bosch

The temperature rise, upto the maximum set by the user, is automatically maintained by the modulation of the heat input. In winter, when the mains temperature is very low, the water flow, adjusted at the tap or shower, should be reduced to maintain the required delivery temperature.

Vokera boiler manuals

Vokera boiler manuals to dowload in pdf

The Compact HE range of appliances is comprised of 2 models of high-efficiency combination boiler with inputs to heating & DHW of 25, 29 & 35kW respectively. Each appliance – by design – incorporates electronic ignition, circulating pump, expansion vessel, safety valve, pressure gauge, and automatic by-pass.

vokera boiler manual pdf



The Compact HE range is produced as room sealed, category II2H3P appliances, suitable for internal wall mounting applications only. They are provided with a fan powered flue outlet with an annular coaxial combustion air intake that can be rotated – horizontally – through 360 degrees for various horizontal or vertical applications. The Compact HE ra